Wednesday, June 4, 2008

My last post this semester...

As my last "monitored" post for this course I would like to say that I learned so many new things. Before I didn’t even know what Web 2.0 is and now here I am with dozens of posts each discussing a new idea about the commercial web.
So as my last post for this semester, I would like to say that hopefully I would be continuing with this blog or maybe start a new blog on my own. (Of course no offense Crystal:P)
I'm glad I chose this topic (Web 2.0) because everyday there's something new about it. I think there's still a lot to be improved in this web but since IT companies are working on it everyday it's going to make a difference, other than introducing the social networks...
Hope what I have written made you learn something new for I have sure learned a lot from this blog...


I hate blogging!!!

During this course I said a few times this phrase: "I hate blogging!!!"; because sometimes working on getting links and photos that are related to my posts is hectic. However; I think I found a solution to this problem.

Zemanta is a new tool that you can download to make blogging much more fun. It will help you find links, pictures, blogs... that are related to the topic you're dicussing in your post. According to an article I read Zemanta COO Bostjan Spetic said that the tool is pulling in links from a live index of 600 blogs which have been picked from multiple ranking sites, including Technorati. In addition to that listing, it's also pulling in another 400 popular news and entertainment sites like and The New York Times. Pretty cool huh?
Guess it's worth a try though I wish I knew about it from before it wouldve saved me alot of time; but I guess for now back to "I love blogging!!!"

P.S: Try the Demo so you can see for yourselves.


Extreme IT

You think your work life's stressful?

Lots of people would like to describe their jobs as being the boss and way too important. but there are IT professionals whose jobs really do put them on the front lines of a combat zone.. That's how life is described for military of U.S in Afghanastain and Iraq, Military are responsible for communications, networks, and IT system. even though its a desert, and war things where never complicated to the communicatons and networks. some interviews were made with several colonels, explaining that eventhough they where i a battle zone, they have complete network connectivity.EXAMPLE :

Fielden: I've been in Iraq eight months so far, and I'll be out here for four more. I'm the commanding officer of the communications squadron here, which is the home of the 332nd Air Expeditionary Wing. Our wing also comprises other units that are scattered throughout Iraq, and I play a role in ensuring command-and-control connectivity to our other Air Force locations.


Sunday, June 1, 2008

Even Web 2.0 needs good connections…

Web 2.0 isn’t too much different from Web 1.0, since you can retrieve information through both of them. The difference between them though is because of relationships!
It’s funny how in the old days restaurants never had self service nor did gas stations, but now most of them are due to development and the fast pace this century is going at. However; if we consider the web we’ll find the opposite method was followed. Before Web 1.0 was all about self service but now relationships is a must in order to create action and retrieve information. Also, before we used to have keywords, context... for a certain website but now we have users’ data and a billion links that would connect you to other users.
Web 2.0 = Sociability and as I mentioned in one of my previous posts Web 2.0 is all about the people!!!