Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I hate blogging!!!

During this course I said a few times this phrase: "I hate blogging!!!"; because sometimes working on getting links and photos that are related to my posts is hectic. However; I think I found a solution to this problem.

Zemanta is a new tool that you can download to make blogging much more fun. It will help you find links, pictures, blogs... that are related to the topic you're dicussing in your post. According to an article I read Zemanta COO Bostjan Spetic said that the tool is pulling in links from a live index of 600 blogs which have been picked from multiple ranking sites, including Technorati. In addition to that listing, it's also pulling in another 400 popular news and entertainment sites like and The New York Times. Pretty cool huh?
Guess it's worth a try though I wish I knew about it from before it wouldve saved me alot of time; but I guess for now back to "I love blogging!!!"

P.S: Try the Demo so you can see for yourselves.


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