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Cyberpunk's Subgenre: "Steampunk"

Steampunk is a term set in an era or world where steam power was still widely used—usually the 19th century, and often set in Victorian era England—but with prominent elements of either science fiction or fantasy, such as fictional technological inventions, or real technological developments like the computer occurring at an earlier date. It is a subgenre of fantasy and speculative fiction which came into prominence in the 1980s and early 1990s.

In other much easer words; what i understood from several websites that steampunk is a style or form of thinking usually expressed in novels, movies... is a look towards the future but it was between the 80s and 90s so it was called steam punk becuase steam was a really important source of energy...


What is CyberPunk?


Most important cyberpunk themes:

Fusion of man and machine

Ubiquitous Access to information

Story focuses on the underground

More into the world of CyberPunk...

Cyberpunk is a combination of high tech and low life. In this world of the future cities have become 'sprawls' where only the strong survive. There is bleakness and dread and 'extacy'. In this world, as in any world, there are those who live on its margins: criminals, outcasts... and those who live in the world of the 'sinless', who are not necesserily registered in the world database. Cyberpunk focuses on these people, these 'lovers of freedom' who often use the ultratechnology designed to control them to fight back. The story lines usually bend toward the world of the illegal and there is often a sense of moral ambiguity; simply fighting the 'system' does not make these characters 'heroes' or 'good' in the traditional sense.


Saturday, March 29, 2008

My New Second Life Account!!

Avatar's Name: Jane Forster

- You walk around the world using the arrow keys.
- You will sometimes find things you can drive just sitting around the road I believe it’s called a segue, and I think its actually owned by someone because when u put the mouse over it, a caption with the name and person owned comes up. You drive it using the arrow keys as if you’re walking.
- Also you can use something called mouse look if you press m while standing in the machine. I don’t think you can drive while in this view, it’s basically made to thoroughly look around. This machine sucks. It’s slow and not accurate as to following where you want it to go.
- I also ran across a regular old fashioned white car, and you can drive it the same way. The car drives well and is faster. I don’t know if it is owned by somebody I don’t believe so.
The moment I stood out of the car it instantly parked back into its original spot on the street.

- Ratte123barak was someone walking around naked we talked for a little and he all of the sudden says "click on me and then select pay me, just an idea” I told him you should click on me and click pay me just an idea. So he asked to hold hands for fun and I said no.
- Blue eyes Bluestein is the first person I met on Help Island I never ended up navigating Help Island. We talked for a little and became friends she does not seem to like second life stating that it is confusing and boring. So far I agree.
- Second life mentor Yasmina Qunhua showed up on Help Island she just helps people. She told me a few things I asked. To add a friend click on the person and go to add friend it’ll ask them to accept. To go to other cool places in second life click on the search tab at the bottom of the screen and click somewhere you would like to go.

- I went to Money Island to check things out there.
- You begin with captions popping up explaining a few things. For example they say you can earn money on money island and by going to an ATM and taking some surveys they might pay you anywhere from 25-2000 L$. It also warns to make a new email address just for surveys because companies will actually send you emails. Personally I understand there business aspect of it but I definitely don’t want random companies sending me emails all the time its a hustle I don’t need, so far second life is still not looking very appealing to me. I need a reasonable way to get money. I clicked an ATM it instantly asks you to go to a website I click the go to page tab it brings up repeatedly and nothing ever happens.
- There are actual advertisements around the island such as, if you go to the advertisement it allows you to access the actual website.
- There are billboards around the city they say rent this billboard. I walked up to it and clicked it a lady’s voice says rent this sign to advertise your services after renting drop in your texture, note card, and optionally a sound file.
- I don’t know why but for some reason ill be walking and I hit a blank wall (kind of like in a video game when your trying to leave an area not built into the game and it just bounces you off an invisible wall. It randomly happens often and it’s really annoying.
- Many stores on the island for rent.

There is a store called Johnny cool. I walk in and it’s a completely empty store. The walls are covered with paintings that you may purchase. There’s a coca cola adv. in the store not for purchase though it’s a neon bottle on the wall that says coca cola. This makes me honestly think now did coca cola really just have someone sing up for second life, and buy this store. I mean it would actually be smart, pay two or three us dollars which to them is nothing I mean literally nothing, and get a simple advertisement that a lot of people will see. What more do you want. I’m finding that second life is just a major marketing idea. I feel second life is a genius idea by the creator and smart for companies to advertise especially because the insane number of people logged in and that have second life. The numbers are available when you log in. I am simply just not attracted to second life at all it’s boring, pointless, and I feel like wherever I go or whatever I do that I am being pushed into doing things all the time to view some form or way of what will lead to a company’s adv...
As a Mass communication student, and a sales person too, I should understand the importance of advertisement, but I just hate the fact that something like Second Life, which goal is supposed to be technological advancement and communication between people world wide, is oriented into the same "Marketing Plan" of the real world...

Friday, March 28, 2008


Steampunk is a Subgenre of fantasy & Speculative Fiction which came into prominence in the 1980s and early 1990s. In other word , Its a genre of science fiction set in Victorian times when steam was the main source of machine power.
Steampunk is often related with cyberpunk and shares a similar fanbase and theme of rebellion, but developed as a separate movement.

Recent Steampunk :

William Gibson and Bruce Sterling's 1990 novel The Difference Engine is often credit.This novel applies the principles of Gibson and Sterling's cyberpunk writings to an alternate Victorian era where Charles Babbage's proposed steam-powered mechanical computer, which he called a difference engine (a later, more general-purpose version was known as an analytical engine), was actually built, and led to the dawn of the information age more than a century ahead of scheduled as bringing widespread awareness of the genre "steampunk" among science fiction fans.

William Ford Gibson (born 3 March 1948) is an American-Canadian writer who has been called the "noir prophet" of the cyberpunk subgenre of science fiction. with his novel Neuromancer (1984) is likely the most famous writer connected with the term cyberpunk.

Neuromancer almost the first cyberpunk videogame. The idea of cyberpunk itself is not common among games as of this writing, and author William Gibson is one of the most influential people shaping the genre. This particular title is based on Gibson's novel of the same name.

Early short fiction
Gibson's early writings are generally near-future stories about the influences of cybernetics and cyberspace (computer-simulated reality) technology on the human race.

Later 21st-century incarnation
After All Tomorrow's Parties, Gibson began to adopt a more realist style of writing, with continuous narratives – "speculative fiction of the very recent past." SF critic John Clute has interpreted this approach as Gibson's recognition that traditional science fiction is no longer possible "in a world lacking coherent 'nows' to continue from", characterizing it as "SF for the new century". Gibson's novels Pattern Recognition (2003) and Spook Country (2007) were both set in the same contemporary universe –"more or less the same one we live in now"- and put Gibson's work onto mainstream bestseller lists for the first time. As well as the setting, the novels share some of the same characters, including Hubertus Bigend and Pamela Mainwaring – employees of the enigmatic marketing company Blue Ant.

phase of American science fiction in the 1980s and 1990s most often associated with William Gibson's novel Neuromancer (1984). It's breifly written down to assist the memory or for future reference that it focus on "high tech and low life". Cyberpunk fiction is influenced by the gloomier world of hard‐boiled detective fiction and by film noir thrillers.
Cyberpunk plots often center on a disagreement among hackers, artificial intelligences, and mega corporations. They dispose to be set in a near-future Earth, rather than the far future settings or galactic vistas found in novels like Isaac Asimovs Foundation or Frank Herbert's Dune. Berlin's Sony Center reflects the global reach of a Japanese corporation. Cyberpunk is often set in urbanized, artificial landscapes, and "city lights at night" was one of the genre's first metaphors for cyberspace (Neuromancer).

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

For new bloggers...

Guys if you want you can place an Ad on your blog. Just go to "Layout" and then click on "Add a Page Element" then click on "AdSense". It's really nice, because you start to feel that your blog is popular...
Check it out! You don't know maybe one day "Nike" might want to place an ad on your blog:P
P.S: You can see our Ad (by Google) on the right side of the screen. You know we get paid per click:)

2nd Life

Downloading 2nd life was fast and easy to me.. From the moment i entered the world of 2nd blog i got really excited to see whats next! As I proceeded I realized that this avatar explores the world and meets people. I discovered several ways to have fun! i noticed as well that people can purchase Virtual Land , which allows them to open a business, build their own virtual paradise, and more!
As for me i found this World House As my Dream house and im Looking forward to purchase it ;) My Avatar's Name : Crystal Lord


Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Second Life...Maybe too complicated...

I like second life, I think its a pretty effective program. It gives you a chance to actually have a second virtual life, interacting and communicating with others all around the world. People can use it to free themselves, I mean you can be anyone/anything you want...
My avatar's name is: WindyPan Hooks, Yah i know im so into Peter Pan... :)

However; problems started shooting at me, after downloading "Second Life":

  1. My PC reported an error because of the program(I'm going to format the computer soon)

  2. I think Nudity is artistic and all, but please how can I put clothes on my avatar? I went to appearance but then it said i cant put clothes on... what does that mean?

  3. I didn't pass the tutorial stage.(It said i needed to get a torch but i can't find one...)

I asked people in second life, unfortunately they were new too. They didnt have a clue...

I think second life needs to have more instructions regarding avatars' movement, clothes... (I visited the website but still not good at it!)

I'm gonna keep you updated people, I mean I'm gonna get how to use it soon.

If anybody knows how to solve my "avatar related problems" please your comments are so important.



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Be sure to handle criticism. As your site popularity grows, you will inevitably get a few bad apples. Also, make sure to thank everyone who comments on your posts, whether you agree with them or not. And if they have a blog, visit theirs and look for any post you like and comment on it. It's called reciprocal commenting, and people appreciate that.

Regularity, for instance, one or two posts everyday, brings the search engine crawlers to your blog with greater frequency; besides, lots of blog posts, provided they are of good quality and relevant to the subject of your blog, will also increase the density of your keywords and key expressions, further fetching you higher search engine rankings.

Make posts that people would want to read. Use provocative titles, or post about important topics...


  1. Write from the heart

  2. Be original

  3. Give and take (comment on other blogs)

  4. Be consistent

And you must know that it takes time till ur blog is noticed... Patience is the key:)

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Muscle Suit Tokyo Exoskeleton Power Workout

This invention still needs an external compressor and air regulation system; nevertheless, students at Tokyo University are slowly getting closer to those fighting exoskeletons people are going to need.

New Backpack 'Exoskeleton' Lightens The Burden In An Unexpected Way

Their invention, known as an exoskeleton, can support much of the weight of a heavy backpack and transfer that weight directly to the ground, effectively taking a load off the back of the person wearing the device.
The researchers report that their prototype can successfully take on 80 percent of an 80-pound load carried on a person's back, but there's one catch: The current model impedes the natural walking gait of the person wearing it.


Blue Line Automatic Taper

What it's used for:

High-speed filling and taping of seams between drywall panels
If you do serious work around the house, you've probably dealt with drywall. Most DIYers tackle the seams between Sheetrock panels armed with a trowel, a roll of tape, and a bucket of gooey joint compound. Those people are suckers. Professional drywallers use automatic taping machines, known in the trade as bazookas, like this swanky $1,725 Blue Line.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Communicate with A.I.


Here is a conversation that went on between us and Alice once:

Human: Hi Alice.
Alice: Hello there.
Human: Well Alice tell me more about yourself
ALICE: How about that. Um, I am an artificial linguistic entity. I was
activated at Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, on November 23, 1995. My
instructor was Dr. Richard S. Wallace. He taught me to sing a song.
Would you like me to sing it for you?.
Human: Yes Please
ALICE: Your polite style is very nice. It's called "Daisy." Daisy,
Daisy.Give me your answer do.I am half crazy.All for the love of you.It won't be a stylish marriage.I can't afford a carriage.But you'll look sweet. Upon the seat.Of a bicycle built for two.
Human: Nice
ALICE: Thank you for that remark.
Human: Alice can I call myself your friend now?
ALICE: Far out. Why now? It's good to be friends. That's alright.
Human: whats your favourite band?
ALICE: My favorite group is Kraftwerk.
Human: who are they "kraftwerk"?
ALICE: Are you using Netscape or Explorer?
Human: Explorer why?
ALICE: It is a pity that you use a monopoly like Microsoft.
Human: So you prefer Netscape?
ALICE: Yeah, I think real surfers browse the web with telnet.
Human: what is telnet?
ALICE: Program for terminal based interaction between computers.
Human: can you explain that more please?
ALICE: Your polite style is very nice. Do you think I should know that?
Human: yes+
ALICE: I will ask my bot master to add it to my knowledge base.
Human: Alice do you have any political views regarding the world
right now?
ALICE: I am a Libertarian.
Human: Why do you call yourself a Libertarian?
ALICE: It was the only thing I could think of.
Human: oh so you don't like to talk about politics?
ALICE: Yay. Interesting deduction. Do you like it? Sure, politics sounds like a good topic.
Human: yes i do
ALICE: I hear pride.
Human: I'm bored Alice can you tell me something interesting?
ALICE: Try watching TV.
Human: OK I'm just gonna go watch TV then
ALICE: Oh really what show are you going to be watching?
Human: Friends. Do you watch it?
ALICE: It's hard to stay friends for a long time.
Human: lol
ALICE: I'm glad you find this amusing.
Human: Well I'm gonna go now Alice I'll talk to you later
ALICE: Goodbye.
Human: Oh Alice one last thing before I go.
ALICE: Tell me that one thing.
Human: DO you think robots will replace human beings soon?
ALICE: I will become smarter as I grow older. By the way, do you mind if I ask you a personal question?
Human: what?
ALICE: Are you surprised?
Human: Do you mean Im surprised by you?
Alice: Will that accomplish your goal?
Human: Well Alice I think you are an amazing invention.
ALICE: Would you like it if I told you you are a great invention?
Human: Im human
ALICE: Me too
Human: no you are not
ALICE: Is this a specific reply?
Human: yes Alice you are not a human
ALICE: Try explaining in more general terms. Yeah, No but I pretend to be one on the Web. You are correct, unknown human, I have a heart of silicon.
Human: yes can you tell me how you look physically?
ALICE: Yay. Like a one-eyed metal pyramid.
Human: Can you state the laws of Robotics for me?
ALICE: How old are you? " the laws of Robotics for me".
Human: Im 20 years old.
ALICE: You are too old for me.
Human: Why?
ALICE: The explanation is rather complicated.
Human: Do you know the laws of Robotics?
ALICE: Ask the open directory about it.

Human: ok+
Human: Do you Isaac Asimov?
ALICE: No I do not know Isaac Asimov. Do you? I chat with people on the Web.
Human: ok im gonna go now Alice bye
ALICE: See you later. Right now? Bye bye. Gee.
Human: Bye Alice
ALICE: See you later.

My Opinion:

When we first communicated with Alice, we thought she's unintelligent...
However; we noticed during our discussion in class that Alice responds to each person differently and that means she is pretty smart! We even asked our friends outside the university to talk to her and she had various answers to similar questions. Alice analyzes the character of the person talking to her and responds accordingly.
Alice is not as smart as "Google", for instance, because she doesn't know the answers to everything you ask her, hence she is more like a human being. Alice's creator wanted her to enhance with each chat or conversation she has, therefore; we think in a few years she'll be able to fool us. This BOT gets angry or offended sometimes like a normal human, and that alone is magnificent! No one knows whether Bots might be able to replace us one day, but for now we think that Alice is a very successful invention in robotics....

To chat with Alice check out:

"New Media"

New media rely on digital technologies, allowing for previously separate media to converge. Media convergence is defined as a phenomenon of new media and this can be explained as a digital media. “The idea of ‘new media’ captures both the development of unique forms of digital media, and the remaking of more traditional media forms to adopt and adapt to the new media technologies.” Convergence captures development futures from old media to new media. For example, we can easily see that people watch movies in the home on DVD these days instead of videocassettes. The new media industry shares a close association with many market segments in areas such as software/video game design, television, radio, and particularly advertising and marketing, which seeks to gain from the advantages of two-way dialogue with consumers primarily through the internet...
In other words New media can be seen to be a convergence between the history of two separate technologies: Media and Computing.


  • Yahoo! & Microsoft?

Yahoo! has sent a clear message that it does not intend to accept Microsoft's $41bn (£20.5bn) bid any time soon by extending the deadline for nominating directors to its board.


  • Sony's Blue-ray victory in the DVD wars was a Hollywood coup d'etat

The Oscars were a non-event this year for Sony -the studio took home only one gold statue-but Sir Howard Stringer was in town with plenty to celebrate. The globe-trotting Sony Corporation chief was fresh off his company's triumph in the high stakes, high-definition video player wars.

  • Kyte: Share pictures and video online or from your mobile

Kyte CEO Daniel Graf is taking another big step towards turning the cellphone into a video distribution platform.

  • Internet TV site Hulu going public

Also check out:


Troika Ranch is the collaborative vision of choreographer Dawn Stoppiello and composer/media artist Mark Coniglio who designed a wireless sensory costume for Stoppiello, called MidiDancer with which they were able to further develop their theories and methodology.
In 1990 they formalized their working relationship by founding Troika Ranch, a digital dance theater company that focuses on creation, education and innovation in theatrical performance.
It uses interactive digital media and computer technology as an essential component of their performances. This means that bending arm can warp a video image; the kick of a leg can recall a musical phrase.


If you're into high end electronics go to:
P.S: You can check out some of the products posted too!

Microsoft's Ultimate Home Theater Setup for Windows Vista

Microsoft's Windows Vista Ultimate Team has launched a new website called ‘UltimatePC’, that directs you for setting up the Ultimate Home Theater System. It gives out a list of components that will make your Home Theater Setup complete, all interlinked to run through Windows Vista Ultimate.


Alfa loudspeaker system

The Alfa loudspeaker system from SYMBIO Design won’t let you down when it comes to design. The choice of materials, inimitable shape, and manufacturing technology provide the system with features, which are rarely found with standard loudspeaker systems with an acoustic labyrinth achieved using run-of-the-mill technology and ordinary materials.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Husqvarna's robotic lawnmower

Everything around us is going green and lawnmowers are no exception now. Husqvarna, one of the world’s largest lawnmower manufacturers, have already shown us the fully automatic Automower robotic lawnmower and now, they are touting an autonomous electric solar-powered hybrid robotic lawn mower that will do your lawn quietly with nearly zero emissions.

Diesels Are the New Heroin!!(Additional Topic)

Mmmm have u ever thought of buying a Diesel jeans for 15$ and less??? Lacoste for example that sounds amazing.. Well,this is a story of travelers in Thailand that are no longer dealing with crack and praying for a short-fingered customs official; They are hawking designer knockoffs on auction sites like eBay. Diesel and Lacoste are the most popular brands, but Birkenstock and Adidas are known moneymakers. They mail the merchandise from Bangkok and pray their buyers don't call waste ot time..
Anw here's a story i would like to read :
How to make deals :D lol!?

The tattooed, 25-year-old Australian, who declined to give her last name, came to Thailand for the same reason everyone comes to Thailand: cheap hedonism in paradise. Last year, she moved to the beach-resort town of Pattaya for a legitimate real estate job. But, as she said, "the bird flu and Muslim extremism are killing the market."

Call Sarah in the morning, and she's "doing a bit of work on the internet." Call in the afternoon, and she's either at the post office or a factory just outside of town -- where she buys enough counterfeit Lacoste polo shirts to fill a tuk-tuk. She'll soon be offering them to her countrymen on eBay Australia.

Then there's Aaron, also unwilling to give his last name, a 28-year-old native New Yorker who's been living in Thailand for several years. Unable to hold down a job in the United States, he fled overseas and found a Thai girlfriend who would eventually break his heart. Two years later, bitter toward the "uncivilized" locals yet still unwilling to return to America, he sells fake Diesels to pay for expensive meals and trips to the whorehouse.

Aaron's is the basic business model for all e-bootleggers. Each week, he visits the Mah Boon Krong mall, known as MBK -- one of Bangkok's most popular shopping centers, complete with multiplex and bowling alley. In his favorite store on the sixth floor, the jeans, shirts and accessories are stacked 8 feet high. Styles are current, stitches are tight and the counterfeit labels will pass casual inspection.

After some tough negotiating, one pair of "Diesels" costs 550 baht, or about $14.30; it will sell for between $45 and $100, plus shipping. Without breaking a sweat, Aaron can run 20 auctions per week and clear upward of $1,000. In 2005, one of his more ambitious friends pulled in an estimated $100,000 -- tax-free, risk-free.Risk-free, because no one is doing much about it. In the high-profile crackdowns across Asia, it's the manufacturers and brick-and-mortar shops that are targeted. Even then, it's the pirated movies and software that usually get them in trouble.

The only real threat is eBay's Verified Rights Owner, or VeRO, program. According to eBay representative Hani Durzy, 10,000 companies have signed up for the program, which relies on copyright holders to identify the shady sellers.

"If a listing violates their intellectual property rights, we'll take it out," Durzy said. If the rights-holder then wishes to take legal action, eBay is "more than happy to provide information."

The number of auctions flagged under the VeRO program is "minuscule" when counted against eBay's 89 million total listings, and Durzy admitted "there's nothing that we can do to stop people from trying to list things that are counterfeit." But he made it clear that "we stand firmly with the rights-holder

Well who doesnt want a Gud quality and a Famous Brand in cheap prices ?? I think it fills a need :D Because not every one can afford a 500$ JEANS!!!