Monday, March 31, 2008

What is CyberPunk?


Most important cyberpunk themes:

Fusion of man and machine

Ubiquitous Access to information

Story focuses on the underground

More into the world of CyberPunk...

Cyberpunk is a combination of high tech and low life. In this world of the future cities have become 'sprawls' where only the strong survive. There is bleakness and dread and 'extacy'. In this world, as in any world, there are those who live on its margins: criminals, outcasts... and those who live in the world of the 'sinless', who are not necesserily registered in the world database. Cyberpunk focuses on these people, these 'lovers of freedom' who often use the ultratechnology designed to control them to fight back. The story lines usually bend toward the world of the illegal and there is often a sense of moral ambiguity; simply fighting the 'system' does not make these characters 'heroes' or 'good' in the traditional sense.



laure and Fady said...

waw alot about cyberpunk i didn't know u helped me alot

Jana & Crystal said...

Ur welcome...
And Yah i no its "alot" coz at first i didnt know that much about it as well so wen i did i thought i should share it with everybody.