Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Want your blog to be "Popular"?

Submit your blog to blog directories and blog communities, such as:

Globe of Blogs
Blog Catalog
Blog Search Engine
Blog Hub
Blog Rankings
BlogStreet Profile

Interact on other blogs and online forums as much as possible. *Remember that lots of blog traffic is generated through networking with other bloggers. When you visit the blogs and leave useful comments the bloggers get interested in your opinion and visit your blog.*

Be sure to handle criticism. As your site popularity grows, you will inevitably get a few bad apples. Also, make sure to thank everyone who comments on your posts, whether you agree with them or not. And if they have a blog, visit theirs and look for any post you like and comment on it. It's called reciprocal commenting, and people appreciate that.

Regularity, for instance, one or two posts everyday, brings the search engine crawlers to your blog with greater frequency; besides, lots of blog posts, provided they are of good quality and relevant to the subject of your blog, will also increase the density of your keywords and key expressions, further fetching you higher search engine rankings.

Make posts that people would want to read. Use provocative titles, or post about important topics...


  1. Write from the heart

  2. Be original

  3. Give and take (comment on other blogs)

  4. Be consistent

And you must know that it takes time till ur blog is noticed... Patience is the key:)

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