Saturday, March 29, 2008

My New Second Life Account!!

Avatar's Name: Jane Forster

- You walk around the world using the arrow keys.
- You will sometimes find things you can drive just sitting around the road I believe it’s called a segue, and I think its actually owned by someone because when u put the mouse over it, a caption with the name and person owned comes up. You drive it using the arrow keys as if you’re walking.
- Also you can use something called mouse look if you press m while standing in the machine. I don’t think you can drive while in this view, it’s basically made to thoroughly look around. This machine sucks. It’s slow and not accurate as to following where you want it to go.
- I also ran across a regular old fashioned white car, and you can drive it the same way. The car drives well and is faster. I don’t know if it is owned by somebody I don’t believe so.
The moment I stood out of the car it instantly parked back into its original spot on the street.

- Ratte123barak was someone walking around naked we talked for a little and he all of the sudden says "click on me and then select pay me, just an idea” I told him you should click on me and click pay me just an idea. So he asked to hold hands for fun and I said no.
- Blue eyes Bluestein is the first person I met on Help Island I never ended up navigating Help Island. We talked for a little and became friends she does not seem to like second life stating that it is confusing and boring. So far I agree.
- Second life mentor Yasmina Qunhua showed up on Help Island she just helps people. She told me a few things I asked. To add a friend click on the person and go to add friend it’ll ask them to accept. To go to other cool places in second life click on the search tab at the bottom of the screen and click somewhere you would like to go.

- I went to Money Island to check things out there.
- You begin with captions popping up explaining a few things. For example they say you can earn money on money island and by going to an ATM and taking some surveys they might pay you anywhere from 25-2000 L$. It also warns to make a new email address just for surveys because companies will actually send you emails. Personally I understand there business aspect of it but I definitely don’t want random companies sending me emails all the time its a hustle I don’t need, so far second life is still not looking very appealing to me. I need a reasonable way to get money. I clicked an ATM it instantly asks you to go to a website I click the go to page tab it brings up repeatedly and nothing ever happens.
- There are actual advertisements around the island such as, if you go to the advertisement it allows you to access the actual website.
- There are billboards around the city they say rent this billboard. I walked up to it and clicked it a lady’s voice says rent this sign to advertise your services after renting drop in your texture, note card, and optionally a sound file.
- I don’t know why but for some reason ill be walking and I hit a blank wall (kind of like in a video game when your trying to leave an area not built into the game and it just bounces you off an invisible wall. It randomly happens often and it’s really annoying.
- Many stores on the island for rent.

There is a store called Johnny cool. I walk in and it’s a completely empty store. The walls are covered with paintings that you may purchase. There’s a coca cola adv. in the store not for purchase though it’s a neon bottle on the wall that says coca cola. This makes me honestly think now did coca cola really just have someone sing up for second life, and buy this store. I mean it would actually be smart, pay two or three us dollars which to them is nothing I mean literally nothing, and get a simple advertisement that a lot of people will see. What more do you want. I’m finding that second life is just a major marketing idea. I feel second life is a genius idea by the creator and smart for companies to advertise especially because the insane number of people logged in and that have second life. The numbers are available when you log in. I am simply just not attracted to second life at all it’s boring, pointless, and I feel like wherever I go or whatever I do that I am being pushed into doing things all the time to view some form or way of what will lead to a company’s adv...
As a Mass communication student, and a sales person too, I should understand the importance of advertisement, but I just hate the fact that something like Second Life, which goal is supposed to be technological advancement and communication between people world wide, is oriented into the same "Marketing Plan" of the real world...


Helen&Marny said...

I liked the way u explained second life,it makes it easier for people who dont know anything about it.Desperately,till now i couldnt live this experience which seems very interesting.anw goodwork and keep it on:)

Jana & Crystal said...

Thanx Marny:)
But why you havent lived the experience yet? Are you having technical problems too? Anyway hope you will soon...