Wednesday, March 26, 2008

2nd Life

Downloading 2nd life was fast and easy to me.. From the moment i entered the world of 2nd blog i got really excited to see whats next! As I proceeded I realized that this avatar explores the world and meets people. I discovered several ways to have fun! i noticed as well that people can purchase Virtual Land , which allows them to open a business, build their own virtual paradise, and more!
As for me i found this World House As my Dream house and im Looking forward to purchase it ;) My Avatar's Name : Crystal Lord



khatibtechno said...

hey crystal how is it going with u and ur dream life :)

Jana & Crystal said...

Hahaha..Lol! Not bad .. but i still need alot of L($) (2nd life money)! Thanks for asking! :D

Helen&Marny said...

"crystal lord" nice name especially for second life.I liked what ur wrote,though its not big it made me understand how second life works and i got the imaginery nice picture in my mind though i dindt gone their till now:(goodwork