Wednesday, March 26, 2008

For new bloggers...

Guys if you want you can place an Ad on your blog. Just go to "Layout" and then click on "Add a Page Element" then click on "AdSense". It's really nice, because you start to feel that your blog is popular...
Check it out! You don't know maybe one day "Nike" might want to place an ad on your blog:P
P.S: You can see our Ad (by Google) on the right side of the screen. You know we get paid per click:)


HELJ said...

We are a leading multinational company and we're searching for skilled female candidates to be recruited in our are you interested? No..i'm kidding..
Just wanted to say that your blog is pretty nice and keep up the good work girls!
Habib El-Joukhadar

Jana & Crystal said...

Hey Habib.. We r glad that u liked our blog and thank you!

Jana & Crystal said...

I thought you were ser. in the beginning i thought we're gona b bad:(
but neway 10x for ur comment Habib, Its realy encouraging!