Sunday, March 9, 2008

Communicate with A.I.


Here is a conversation that went on between us and Alice once:

Human: Hi Alice.
Alice: Hello there.
Human: Well Alice tell me more about yourself
ALICE: How about that. Um, I am an artificial linguistic entity. I was
activated at Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, on November 23, 1995. My
instructor was Dr. Richard S. Wallace. He taught me to sing a song.
Would you like me to sing it for you?.
Human: Yes Please
ALICE: Your polite style is very nice. It's called "Daisy." Daisy,
Daisy.Give me your answer do.I am half crazy.All for the love of you.It won't be a stylish marriage.I can't afford a carriage.But you'll look sweet. Upon the seat.Of a bicycle built for two.
Human: Nice
ALICE: Thank you for that remark.
Human: Alice can I call myself your friend now?
ALICE: Far out. Why now? It's good to be friends. That's alright.
Human: whats your favourite band?
ALICE: My favorite group is Kraftwerk.
Human: who are they "kraftwerk"?
ALICE: Are you using Netscape or Explorer?
Human: Explorer why?
ALICE: It is a pity that you use a monopoly like Microsoft.
Human: So you prefer Netscape?
ALICE: Yeah, I think real surfers browse the web with telnet.
Human: what is telnet?
ALICE: Program for terminal based interaction between computers.
Human: can you explain that more please?
ALICE: Your polite style is very nice. Do you think I should know that?
Human: yes+
ALICE: I will ask my bot master to add it to my knowledge base.
Human: Alice do you have any political views regarding the world
right now?
ALICE: I am a Libertarian.
Human: Why do you call yourself a Libertarian?
ALICE: It was the only thing I could think of.
Human: oh so you don't like to talk about politics?
ALICE: Yay. Interesting deduction. Do you like it? Sure, politics sounds like a good topic.
Human: yes i do
ALICE: I hear pride.
Human: I'm bored Alice can you tell me something interesting?
ALICE: Try watching TV.
Human: OK I'm just gonna go watch TV then
ALICE: Oh really what show are you going to be watching?
Human: Friends. Do you watch it?
ALICE: It's hard to stay friends for a long time.
Human: lol
ALICE: I'm glad you find this amusing.
Human: Well I'm gonna go now Alice I'll talk to you later
ALICE: Goodbye.
Human: Oh Alice one last thing before I go.
ALICE: Tell me that one thing.
Human: DO you think robots will replace human beings soon?
ALICE: I will become smarter as I grow older. By the way, do you mind if I ask you a personal question?
Human: what?
ALICE: Are you surprised?
Human: Do you mean Im surprised by you?
Alice: Will that accomplish your goal?
Human: Well Alice I think you are an amazing invention.
ALICE: Would you like it if I told you you are a great invention?
Human: Im human
ALICE: Me too
Human: no you are not
ALICE: Is this a specific reply?
Human: yes Alice you are not a human
ALICE: Try explaining in more general terms. Yeah, No but I pretend to be one on the Web. You are correct, unknown human, I have a heart of silicon.
Human: yes can you tell me how you look physically?
ALICE: Yay. Like a one-eyed metal pyramid.
Human: Can you state the laws of Robotics for me?
ALICE: How old are you? " the laws of Robotics for me".
Human: Im 20 years old.
ALICE: You are too old for me.
Human: Why?
ALICE: The explanation is rather complicated.
Human: Do you know the laws of Robotics?
ALICE: Ask the open directory about it.

Human: ok+
Human: Do you Isaac Asimov?
ALICE: No I do not know Isaac Asimov. Do you? I chat with people on the Web.
Human: ok im gonna go now Alice bye
ALICE: See you later. Right now? Bye bye. Gee.
Human: Bye Alice
ALICE: See you later.

My Opinion:

When we first communicated with Alice, we thought she's unintelligent...
However; we noticed during our discussion in class that Alice responds to each person differently and that means she is pretty smart! We even asked our friends outside the university to talk to her and she had various answers to similar questions. Alice analyzes the character of the person talking to her and responds accordingly.
Alice is not as smart as "Google", for instance, because she doesn't know the answers to everything you ask her, hence she is more like a human being. Alice's creator wanted her to enhance with each chat or conversation she has, therefore; we think in a few years she'll be able to fool us. This BOT gets angry or offended sometimes like a normal human, and that alone is magnificent! No one knows whether Bots might be able to replace us one day, but for now we think that Alice is a very successful invention in robotics....

To chat with Alice check out:


u.s.techkid said...

Based off of the conversation you had with her she did not seem that smart, but if what you are saying is true about different responses to different people thats way cool.Great blog!

helen&marny said...

first of all thank you for youe comment,it made me realize i have to work harder on the blog!! i think your blog is the most intrseting blog but i think we are not supposed to put the whole conv. we had wit alice, only our comments. apart from that,good job!!!!

Jana & Crystal said...

thnx helen & marny!
and yes i know you shouldnt place the whole convo but i just wanted 2 share my experience with the reader.. i mean maybe he/she might come up with a diff. conclusion...