Saturday, April 19, 2008

3D Movies Home and Theatre

“3D movies” that sounds fun! A current technology that will make 3D movies a standard entertainment both at home and at the theater in 3-4 years. But while searching I found out that the Stereoscopic 3D is well and alive at the 3D Center of Art & Photography in Portland, Oregon.
In theaters, tickets of 3D movies didn’t make much revenue though it was new theaters. Since people nowadays have home theaters and they can bring the DVD and watch it at home.
Filmmakers and studios alike have promised their allegiance to 3-D... Disney and Pixar announced this week that it will release all of its films in 3-D, starting with Bolt, which is appointed for a November release.... DreamWorks Animation says that by 2009 all of its movies will be released in 3-D. James Cameron is working on big-budget 3-D sci-fi flick called Avatar, and George Lucas is working on remastering all the Star Wars movies in 3-D.”
For studios, the financial allure of 3-D is twofold: The technology can't easily be replicated in home theaters (yet); and moviegoers are still willing to pay a premium for 3-D films. The big question is whether the technology is a game changer or just a short-lived gimmick to drive ticket sales, like Smell-O-Vision -- or, for that matter, the 3-D technology of the 1950s. 'This is a serious visualization technology that's just begun to be used for entertainment,' says Elizabeth Brooks, chief marketing officer of 3-D system maker RealD, which has about 97 percent of the 3-D market. 'It's been used by NASA and by scientists who need to render things perfectly. It's my job to sing the company's praises, but if the technology weren't good, [filmmakers] wouldn't be planning to make as many 3-D films as they're making.'
In the end this technology is there, the purpose of it is not just movies but its getting closer to act for the internet, games and Media experience. But for me I prefer watching a 3D movie and home rather than in theaters that way ill be more comfortable, and nobody will disturb me…



Farah & Maysa said...

farah: same here, it would be more comfortable to sit at home watch a series of movies in one day than going to theatre but still theatre use a certain sound system that makes the movie more alive when your watching it ! farah :)

Jana & Crystal said...

Well yes and still as u know u can have sound system at home those speakers u put in every angle .. so still u feel like ur in a theatre! anw Thank u:D

Helen&Marny said...

crystal i like this new 3d thing and the idea of watching it in the theater but to me i prefer staying at home too cz im not from the theater freinds:)
goodwork.keep it up

Jana & Crystal said...

Thanx Marny!
i like your post as well and i find it intresting.. Gudluck Crystalll!!!!

Media and New Technologies said...

of course we can have sound system at hoes and it will be more comfortable from going to the theatre but your neighboors won't feel comfotable at all.