Monday, April 21, 2008

Facebook .. Translating ?

How would you feel using an arabic Facebook, Russain, Chinese and a lot more?Lately the company is trying to provide Its users around the world are translating Facebook's visible framework into nearly two dozen languages for free. The goal of it to have one day everyone on the planet using Facebook! Aint it cool?The concept of collaborative translation is familiar in open-source programming communities. But Facebook's effort - as it builds sites in Japanese, Turkish, Chinese, Portuguese, Swedish and Dutch to join versions in Spanish, French and German that launched this year - is among the highest-profile attempts to harness users' energy to do work traditionally handled by professionals.The Spanish-language version has taken a particular beating for grammatical, spelling and usage problems throughout.
A lot of people have added the translation application.. for example Poke in facebook in Spanish is :dar un French : faire un Germany :anstupsen..Too bad for the Japenes they didn’t find and equivlant so they decided to stick to the original facebook! :D


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Media and New Technologies said...

despite my hate to the facebook i think because of the info that you are giving us guys i changed my point of view a little bit and facebook have real advantages.