Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Creative Zen

As a Gadget obsessed person or in other words "lover", I always search for what's new on the market! While searching i found Creative Zen! I decided my personal posts to new gadget.. Ofcourse this gadget is going to have to do with Media&New Technologies

What is Creative Zen? Are you Bored from Apple MP3 and Others???

Well Creative Zen is s Flash-Based MP3 player Has many Advantages and 1 disadvantage to me.

Advantages :

1.reduced size

2. five-band equalizer

3. play FLAC or Ogg Vorbis audio codecs

4.can handle most audio formats, including Apple's AAC files.

5. works with MPEG-4, DivX4, DivX5, XviD, and WMV video files.

6.A standard mini-USB jack built into the Zen's tiny frame.

7. has a 30-hour play time for audio files (5 hours for video)

8.Zen comes bundled with few accessories: a good pair of earbuds, a short USB cable, and an instruction pamphlet.

9. it costs around 179.00$..184.00 $..300$ (depends on the market)

10.have a built-in SD Card slot to accommodate an instant space upgrade.


1. lack the funky Wi-Fi functionality of Apple's iPod Touch

All in All, I just loved this device and i think its a Useful one as well! In the end whatever comforts my life i seek to searh for and what brings fun,music,photos,games is what fulfill my my entertainment needs ;)!

PS: playstations with its different versions, Game cube and Gameboy are considered as part of my preferable entertaiment Of New Technologies!