Friday, April 11, 2008

The IT World!

First, What is an IT? I think many people Have no idea what an IT is. Likewise, At first i didnt know what it really means! Being in Class Of Media and New Technology it open our eyes to New Technologies and many different ways to search all around about New Tech& media in different sources! I choose this topic bc i see that most of the world is innneed of IT especailly big companies like Apple, Mirosoft, Yahoo... and alot more!
IT: Information Technology
IT : Is The development, installation, and implementation of computer systems and applications. Both hardware and software, and often including networking and telecommunications, usually in the context of a business or other enterprise.. in other words :Breaking Tech News For Technology Executives,Software To Help Your Business Succeed!
Fisrt Topic im goin to talk about is :

Apple to New York City: Bite Me!

The Big Apple has a new logo, and Apple says: Drop dead.
At issue is the visible symbol representing an abstract idea for New York City's GreeNYC , which has started to appear around the city on bus shelters, hybrid gasoline-electric taxicabs and even Whole Foods shopping bags.
The GreeNYC logo shows a stylized apple with a stalk and a leaf. It bears a resemblance to Apple's famous logo. A resemblance Apple says exceed the limits of its trademark. The city has applied for a trademark on the logo, but Apple has filed a formal opposition obtained by Saying that:
"The Cupertino, California, company calls for the trademark to be denied, claiming the city's logo will confuse people and "seriously injure the reputation which [Apple] has established for its goods and services."

New York says: Getdafugoutaheya.

"The city believes that Apple's claims have no merit and that no consumer is likely to be confused," says Gerald Singleton, the intellectual-property lawyer representing the Big Apple. "This well-known city is using its new design in a variety of contexts that have absolutely nothing to do with Apple Inc."

Apple is no stranger to trademark disputes, but has typically been on the receiving end of agreement claims. Apple Corps, holder of the Beatles business interests, struggled the company for years over its trademark. That legal strike was finally resolved last year, with Apple having the entire brand and an visible agreement to license certain trademarks back to Apple Corps.

Cisco Systems also filed suit over Apple's use of the iPhone trademark last year, and both companies finally agreed to share the iPhone name..
In the end, Beth Goldman, an attorney at Heller Ehrman and head of the firm's San Francisco trademark group. Was trying to to make a point and clear the situation. As for Singleton , she says that not before 6 to 9 months a final decision is made by the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board of the patent office.
In my opinion, and my readings i found that Apple had many problems with different comapnies for example microsoft! That ill be talking about the case soon.. I mean like take a break Apple and stop making big deal all have similar designs and plus i see that this logo is similair to googels as a friend commented on the discusion board you think it should eneter the struggle ???? :D

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